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David Handler Feedback

Mastering the 'F' Word

Admit it. You use it. All leaders do. Unfortunately, a lot aren't good at it. This session will teach you the right way to use the 'F' word to truly enhance your team members' performances. After all, if you don't give 'Feedback' well, how can you expect improvement?

David Handler, executive coach

Talking Through Truth ('t3')

When speaking, you're using one of four dialogue voices. This breakout includes an online assessment that will help each of your team members identify their go-to power voice and which one needs strengthening.

David Handler ready for liftoff

Ready for Liftoff

Intergrating new team members into your company culture is essential for launching them toward being valued contributors. During this session, you'll learn key methods for on-boarding new hires, including how to utilize current employees to reach out before they arrive and keep them inspired during those critical early weeks.