Career Journey


Founder / Success Handler, LLC
Coached 200+ leaders on areas that impede success and on creating behavioral change to improve relationships. Frequent workshop presenter, focusing on leadership excellence, strategic planning and communicating effectively

Senior VP / ICED (1998-2004)
Served as head of marketing at an international franchising organization with 900 locations and as a brand president

Co-Founder / Anthony Travel (1989-1998)
Nation's leader in university sports team and fan travel, on campus at the University of Notre Dame and embedded in more than 80 athletic departments

Sports Television Producer / Various  (1981-1995)
Produced more than 700 live events, winning two national awards

Cool Stuff

Who knew sitting on the bench beside our coach during high school basketball games
would lead years later to my career coaching senior executives? That's one of
the biggest benefits of being only six-feet-tall and lacking a solid jump shot.


Bachelor of Journalism with High Honors, the University of Texas at Austin


Two clients promoted to CEO of public companies

Coached offshore on the world's largest energy platform

Worked with more than 25 leaders in two different organizations


200+ hours of professional coaching training
36 states and 8 countries (Clients' residences)

30 years of marriage

15 visits to Walt Disney World

13 Bruce Springsteen concerts

3 adult children

2 Hall of Fame inductions

1 trip to the Masters/Augusta National


Back to the Future

Lap Swimming and Golf

Jordan Spieth

Mystery Novels 

Tex-Mex followed by Frozen Yogurt

Seth Godin