Coaching Approach


Senior leaders select David as their coach to focus on being more effective in their roles


David Handler coaches mid-level leaders on how to delegate and inspire their teams


David coaches teams on making meetings efficient and concluding with action steps

Focus Areas

Senior Leaders

C-Suite and VP leaders turn to David Handler for Executive Coaching that is often a sounding board to clarify their ideas and may include specific developmental goals to help them improve their ability to impact the broader organization.

Mid-Level Managers

Whether it's high-potential employees who need coaching around executive presence or others challenged by specific unaddressed issues, David utilizes assessment tools, feedback data and shadowing to provide a full picture of the current state and design a plan for growth.

Leadership Teams

Meetings drag on when attendees 'spin' on issues and fail to reach actionable decisions. David calls timeouts and coaches on how to resolve and move on. 

Planning Sessions

Stepping away from the daily work environment is essential to creating vision. David facilitates leadership team meetings designed to develop future plans.


David coached leaders on the world's largest energy platform on how to engage a unionized workforce and spent more than 30 days in the field of a leading utility coaching managers on how to create better relationships with union employees.

Organization Depth

Beginning with a single client engagement, David Handler has coached more than 25 leaders at two different Fortune 500 companies.