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Leaders who work with Success Handler, LLC achieve measurable leaps in their performance – especially in relationships with supervisors, peers and direct reports. That’s why more than 80 percent of David’s new clients originate from referrals. Here are some of the many feedback comments from coaching clients and attendees at David’s keynotes and presentations:

"One of the most important pieces of coaching executives is 'the people thing.' You definitely have that part down. When it comes to trust and being able to open up so we can address key issues, I feel completely at ease with you." ~ Scott P, Texas

"I can’t believe it’s been five years we've worked together!! Thanks for the many hours of letting me bend your ear. Your input and guidance have been very helpful to me. Thanks for all you do!" ~ Jim F, Kansas

"The last couple of weeks have been great. I've really seen positive results after getting things out in the open. Things that were bothering me for a long time aren't any more." ~ Erin H, Louisiana

"Your coaching? In a word: priceless." ~ Linda H, Texas

"Dear Coach David… Great follow through. Now all I have to do is follow through. You’re going to make me successful whether I want to or not. Thanks!!!!!!!" ~ Alvin H, Illinois

"You should bottle some of these ideas we’re coming up with on our calls and sell them to a lot more people. It’s pretty phenomenal, the results we’re getting." ~ Macy F, Louisiana

"Only two speakers have ever affected my life. The minister the first time I went to church and your presentation last night. Thank you." ~ Dean W, Maryland

"Thanks for a great retreat. Your leadership really allowed us to get down to a plan – which I doubt we would have done if you hadn't been there. I hope our paths cross again soon." ~ Maggie C, Utah

"You were the best speaker in seven years I've been coming to these." ~ Karen T, Washington

"Your presentation was energizing, enjoyable and educational due to your innovative approach and dynamic personality. You truly have a gift; thank you for sharing it with all of us." ~ Jill H, Indiana

"I always enjoy hearing you speak. You are such a great presenter." ~ Michelle H, Florida

"Your webinar was probably the best we have EVER offered. We are reviewing our franchisees' Success Plans like crazy." ~ Deb E, Texas