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David received the highest overall speaker rating at six different leadership conferences. His interactive, hands-on approach resonates with audiences. You’ll laugh while gaining business insight to improve your performance and the results in your organization. David will customize a program for your group. Here are examples of presentation topics.

Thing One and Thing Two

You’ve heard big-time motivational experts talk about change… so why attend this presentation? First, you’ll skip the ‘This is why I’m great’ autobiography stories (David isn’t selling a book) and head straight to the ‘How to improve your attitude and approach’ skills – discovering specific ways to improve the perceptions your peers and employees hold of you. Second, you’ll learn a key technique that will give you back 40 extra hours this year. (Need a vacation?) Third, a few lucky audience members will take home cash straight from David’s pocket. (When did a speaker ever give you money?)

Busting Out Of The Box

The Secret became a bestselling book and video. Whether you’re a devotee of this phenomenon that claims to have ‘traveled through the centuries to reach you’ or unaware of its existence, this session reveals the truth about the Law of Attraction. You’ll discover how the key to your future is adapting your traditional thinking and setting clear intention about your desired results. This promises to be an interactive, entertaining and rewarding presentation that forever changes how you lead your business.

Planning For Success

It's almost a cliché: ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail.’ Yet less than 20 percent of small business owners have a current business plan. When was the last time you paused and committed to taking a specific path to making your location more profitable? David has led more than 40 small business clients through the process of developing their Success Plan. By attending this session – and with just two hours of post-meeting follow-up – you'll have a one-page guide for achieving better results.