Leaders typically understand how to set goals and execute strategy. What gets in their way is the 'little big things.' Challenges arise from failing to recognize how others see you. A big opportunity for improvement is to gain insight into your attitude and approach. Combine that with inherent strengths and you'll soar.

Since 2003, David Handler has delivered more than 8,000 hours of coaching to executives, business owners and franchisors/franchisees. Clients turn to David to capitalize on their strengths, gain awareness of the perceptions of others and develop skills for improving entrenched behaviors that limit their effectiveness. Athletes have coaches. Actors have coaches. Opera singers have coaches. What about you?

Coaching will help you understand how attitude and approach affect everyone who looks to you for guidance. You'll learn how enhancing these two essential building blocks of success will enable you to contribute greater results for your organization.


Seth Godin's Hierarchy
of Success

Attitude \ ˈa-tə-ˌtüd \ noun "manner, disposition, feeling, with regard to a person or thing"
- - -
Others experience this in your demeanor and how you treat them; it’s what they see and hear in your words and actions on a daily basis

Approach \ ə-ˈprōch \ noun "the method used or steps taken in setting about a task or problem"
- - -
Your style – the path you take to achieve goals and how you adjust along the way; think of this as the way a great actor embraces a role