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David helps leaders understand how others perceive them. Misalignment in this area inhibits your success and impact on the organization. Once clients recognize how attitude and approach are the result of a lifetime of ingrained behaviors, David coaches them on skills and tools for improving performance.

High-Level Executive Coaching Program
For senior leaders approaching the summit of their careers
15 sessions focusing on leadership style and effectiveness


Challenge: Three executives at a major energy company all received promotions to senior VP at the same time – with no clear definition of how they would develop under the Division president. The desired coaching outcome was to ensure each fulfills his potential and develops necessary skills for leading at the highest level in the organization.

Approach: The three executives’ offices were adjacent to each other in a downtown high-rise, and for most sessions David simply walked door-to-door, always maintaining the coaching tenet of complete confidentiality. By engaging each in dialogue around his specific gaps, David created individual programs to help them grow as leaders. In the final session, he brought the three together to define their ongoing working relationships and to eliminate any hidden feelings of being in competition with each other.

Results: Within a few months of the conclusion of the engagement all three received new assignments with greater P&L responsibility. When the CEO retired in 2014, the Board chose one of the leaders David coached as his replacement. The other two are members of the executive team.

For mid-level leaders who are candidates for promotion
12 sessions on understanding approach changes at higher levels


Challenge: In the opinion of the Group president, a senior executive at an oil and gas equipment provider would ‘disappear’ in meetings and ‘struggle to have a presence.’ The HR VP felt this would hold him back from further growth in the organization.

Approach: David focused the client on having confidence and conviction in his opinions. Together, they developed a plan that allows him to remain who he is and still become the leader he and others in the organization desire.

Results: During the first three months of the coaching engagement, the individual received a promotion to President of his Division. Later, immediately following a Board presentation, the CEO of this multi-billion dollar company pulled him aside and commented on how insightful his approach was and how much he had changed since the previous meeting.

For all leaders facing specific behavioral challenges
9 sessions designed to adapt attitude and improve relationships


Challenge: A mid-level accounting manager at an organization with 12,000 employees took over a team upon the retirement of a long-time leader. In the first year under her direction, two members left – and one of them wrote a blistering e-mail about her deficiencies.

Approach: David worked with the client initially to overcome the shock that despite 21 loyal years with this organization she was at risk. After that, coaching focused on repairing relationships with her team, peers and supervisor. By acknowledging she was responsible for the situation, she set out to adjust her style and rebuild trust with her team.

Results: The client completely turned around opinions during the nine-month coaching engagement. At the Summary Meeting, the VP of her area said: “I honestly didn’t know if we could get here when this began. You’ve completely changed and I’m excited about where we go from here.”